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CONA CONSULTORES is looking for a BI Manager to join an International Marketing Enterprise.

To develop and deliver decision support tools, reporting applications, insights and business intelligence based on advanced analyses on information/data collected by promoters and merchandisers on weekly basis. This involves extracting, collecting, analyzing and interpreting the information from many sources to address business questions regarding sales, market share, in-store share, display share, economic outcomes, quality evaluation, improvement program, and other business needs. 


Main deliveries:

·         Fieldwork questionnaire and analysis

·         Journey Plan and Staffing preparation/calculation

·         Dashboard development and maintenance

·         Retail Mapping process

·         Database consolidation

·         Sell-out analysis and cross data capabilities

·         System capabilities: to understand database process

·         Quantitative analysis to produce insights and action plans

·         Excel advanced: including VBA

·         Parameterization capabilities

·         English and Spanish speaker



·         Analytical Skills: Data analysts work with large amounts of data: facts, figures, and number crunching. You will need to see through the data and analyze it to find conclusions.

·         General computer skills: familiarity working with network directory structures and ability to learn new software applications easily

·         Communication Skills: Data analysts are often called to present their findings, or translate the data into an understandable document. You will need to write and speak clearly, easily communicating complex ideas.

·         Critical Thinking: Data analysts must look at the numbers, trends, and data and come to new conclusions based on the findings.

·         Attention to Detail: Data is precise. Data analysts have to make sure they are vigilant in their analysis to come to correct conclusions.

·         Math Skills: Data analysts need math skills to estimate numerical data.


Professional requirements

·         Experience of training operation;

·         Experience with team management;

·         Experience with design and technologies;

·         Advance knowledge of Microsoft Office skills, particularly Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint;

·         Able to perform routine tasks for extended period of time;

·         Troubleshooting skills;

·         Strong analytical and interpretive skills;

·         Detail oriented;

·         Ability to grasp new concepts quickly and easily;

·         Excellent organization skills are required;

·         Consciousness for prompt completion of work tasks;

·         Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing demands and situations;

·         Demonstrated consistent work history and commitment level.


Language Skills

·         Spanish: Fluent;

·         English: Fluent;



Location: Retiro, Buenos Aires

Permanent Employment

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